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06273f6d-532c-43eb-a3f4-e642cca3f41000 1
Cannot load the chart
Overallcincinnatikid00+3664.8563 %10-6-01 Places1 year16
02915df7-6e8d-41cd-9938-406872c8004b00 2
Cannot load the chart
OverallPTGoldenBoy00+2274.61100 %4-0-02 Places2 years4
c638aaf0-cf3d-45fd-aa86-c5b95cbda24100 3
Cannot load the chart
OverallZanglerBets00+1183.4593 %14-1-03 Places3 years15
3617c50f-2a7f-4f0d-b777-6acfe6ea6ae900 4
Cannot load the chart
OverallDJ_WondAbreAd00+969.0778 %7-2-04 Places3 years9
82ecd858-1a7d-4ef1-9c3f-6b5c2188ccb300 5
Cannot load the chart
OverallTrendbetting_AK00+961.54100 %1-0-05 Places2 years1
e981dbef-0bac-4ae5-ae4e-5a8b920b86c200 6
Cannot load the chart
Overalltotals4you300+954.55100 %2-0-06 Places2 years2
2171e8a0-4a33-4ed1-b60c-24445a1fd7c600 7
Cannot load the chart
Overalltuckerpicks00+909.09100 %1-0-07 Places2 years1
59f17f71-3753-45b7-9d18-48f0773c339d00 8
Cannot load the chart
OverallAlloutwinner00+809.0950 %1-1-08 Places3 years2
c0a0c46a-b3b2-4ca0-bb9d-dfec2636b51e00 9
Cannot load the chart
OverallJohnRyan122700+750.0060 %3-2-09 Places5 months5
d1a1deb3-9f09-4377-ac15-6b092648c67200 10
Cannot load the chart
Overallslyone36600+749.7870 %7-3-010 Places3 years10
13373a22-7496-41ab-ab2e-0974c98690bb00 T11
Cannot load the chart
OverallMUT4LifeWalker00+635.00100 %1-0-011 Places3 years1
e6bbc405-439a-4d41-91b5-063cd43730bd00 T11
Cannot load the chart
Overallpropmachine100+635.00100 %1-0-011 Places3 years1
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