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93eb7307-0a9c-44ac-97a4-0c898e3c99b600 1
Cannot load the chart
OverallMagnusBarstad00+900.00100 %1-0-01 Places3 years1
6dc58c7c-3c0d-4364-b768-0c2d0ae1e8ff00 2
Cannot load the chart
OverallRobbyRageCapper00+600.00100 %1-0-02 Places3 years1
aa2b8df3-f80b-4b31-85fe-39d3c591d5e700 3
Cannot load the chart
OverallANTIPATIKO700+590.0075 %3-1-03 Places3 years4
ac00b4a3-abf7-4468-8bc9-15332c019e7800 T4
Cannot load the chart
OverallBabyByronDoyle00+450.00100 %1-0-04 Places3 years1
2e19d67a-819e-46fc-a850-a75ac8d3d95300 T4
Cannot load the chart
OverallNoQualms1100+450.00100 %1-0-04 Places3 years1
e6ad30f5-244c-4640-979c-71e84454a95900 6
Cannot load the chart
Overallneostile00+420.1767 %16-8-16 Places5 years25
2bbdc3d1-3d49-4a8e-b25f-fee9758cf5b400 7
Cannot load the chart
OverallTims_Rankings00+357.00100 %1-0-07 Places3 years1
3edf0be7-3860-450e-9c4b-b426c021dc1100 8
Cannot load the chart
Overallukweathereye00+300.00100 %1-0-08 Places3 years1
109af1fd-5f15-4c3f-9cd9-382a2234196500 9
Cannot load the chart
OverallPhoSportsCapper00+272.73100 %1-0-09 Places3 years1
b69a16e0-56c1-4dd3-a0e8-fdfaf57c358700 T10
Cannot load the chart
OverallBlueAndBlack_00+250.00100 %1-0-010 Places3 years1
4028bc14-d666-44af-b8da-73c75960520a00 T10
Cannot load the chart
OverallMUTBettingRoom00+250.00100 %1-0-010 Places3 years1
e46d6b36-b228-4c5c-be68-74a9db2d268b00 12
Cannot load the chart
OverallSismologiaMund00+240.00100 %1-0-012 Places3 years1
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