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304871e5-909e-4269-981e-5c1584bde8e200 1
Cannot load the chart
OverallNYRangers00+2035.4180 %12-3-01 Places1 year15
157e61bc-bf5a-4a2b-a347-b65d59029eaf00 2
Cannot load the chart
OverallNASCAR00+1721.61100 %2-0-02 Places1 year2
6ea3aea8-a064-411d-91f6-b71b068e033900 3
Cannot load the chart
OverallSportsCentre00+931.8792 %12-1-13 Places2 years14
ea19656d-8b66-4928-9639-ea90cfc090c000 4
Cannot load the chart
OverallSInow00+855.44100 %2-0-04 Places2 years2
7bfb3619-d7f5-474c-ad01-b0ff4ce5d5ba00 5
Cannot load the chart
OverallDetroitRedWings00+824.77100 %3-0-05 Places1 year3
1153c659-df53-4c13-be5f-8391cc43d75a00 6
Cannot load the chart
OveralltheScore00+816.40100 %5-0-06 Places1 year5
1cb407ee-5096-469c-828d-1ce98e9bd68800 7
Cannot load the chart
OverallNWSSeattle00+800.00100 %1-0-07 Places1 year1
b5000a9a-fcb1-4d6e-b1e8-aef9d15744ab00 8
Cannot load the chart
OverallBostonGlobe00+753.62100 %3-0-08 Places2 years3
b23fa43a-9013-46e2-9eee-174323c0463c00 9
Cannot load the chart
Overallchiefs00+740.74100 %1-0-09 Places1 year1
2c19a6c8-6024-4309-9ee9-7fb79c49b12800 10
Cannot load the chart
OverallPFF00+536.89100 %6-0-010 Places1 year6
99c25c11-6bee-4dc1-aaad-1c32ebcab25200 11
Cannot load the chart
OverallFIRSTLADYNHL00+491.3383 %5-1-011 Places3 years6
607576aa-1bb5-467f-ae16-27493fc4586600 12
Cannot load the chart
OverallNHL_capper_ou00+454.55100 %1-0-012 Places2 years1
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