Spread Knowledge announces alpha launch today

We are constantly working to make Spread Knowledge the hub of the sports betting analytics community. We’re happy to announce that we’re entering the next phase of making this vision a reality. Today we’re launching the Alpha release of the Spread Knowledge product.

We have spent the last 10 weeks overhauling the app and navigation, ensuring they are fun to use, easy to understand and, of course, an offering that enables you to become a winning bettor.  Our app now is significantly improved. We’ve simplified numbers and widgets while addressing some key transparency issues.

Here are some of the new feature highlights:

New Value Pick Key + Filter – you can now easily view the past results for each letter grade at the top of most picks pages.  Here is an example where you can see the positive recent performance of A’s and B’s, but a negative performance of the C’s and D’s.  These letters also function as a filter mechanism, allowing you to focus on certain letter picks. For example, you now can filter tools such as “Value Picks” to only display A’s or B’s.

Following Systems – we have consolidated and cleaned up the Systems pages. The “Leaderboard” and “Follow Systems” now are one and the same.  Now there is one place where you can easily click FOLLOW to subscribe and receive the picks a top-performing system makes as soon as they are made.  Once that system machine or user confirms a pick on Spread Knowledge, that pick immediately will be sent to you if you have subscribed to FOLLOW them.  It’s easier than ever to follow the top systems and always be up to date with the top value picks from each sport or league.

All SK Pick History – we now publish all of our machine picks across all 100 machine systems that Spread Knowledge follows.  Transparency and trust is the key to a long-term winning sports betting system.  Now you can easily view all our picks to validate and prove that our machine systems highlight key value positions and consistently win over time.

These are just the first wave of improvements and additions we have in store for Spread Knowledge. We hope you like them and are able to use them to become an even more profitable, winning bettor.

Are there any changes you don’t like or have questions about? Is there anything else you’d like to see us add? Give us a shout at support@spreadknowledge.com at any time. We’d love to hear from you and help you with your betting adventures.