Spread Knowledge Live Picks Have a 65 Percent Success Rate


The Spread Knowledge Live Picks are quickly becoming the preferred method of betting for our customers. And for good reason, as these picks are hitting in the NBA, NCAAB and NHL at an absurd rate of about 65 percent.

In fact, the system is doing so well that it caused one of our customers in the United Kingdom to get his account shut down! Before you panic – don’t. This customer, who we’ll keep anonymous, is a successful well-known member of the betting community, so these books are looking for any reason to keep him away from their money.

Recently, this customer reached out to us to give thanks for the picks and offer some advice to help the public better understand our product.

His advice was excellent, especially in basketball, where the game flow can change at a moment’s notice. It is probably the only sport, besides American football, in which 10 points can be scored in a span of 60 seconds. Because of this, bettors need to be on their toes when they see an advantageous spot in the game to be had. But this is where the SK system comes into play, taking most of that guesswork out of the equation.

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