Guide to Round Robin in Sports Betting [With Examples]


Round robin in sports betting is an excellent way to quickest the sports wagers online. It is a kind of parlay wager that consists of 3 or more selections. The bet includes all doubles within the selections. In addition, you can cover bases and confirm a payout. This guide will teach you how to place a bet on bettings sites and their pros and cons.


What is a Round-Robin Bet?



A round-robin bet is a series of two team parlays in sports betting made from a selected teams list. Sportsbooks online have an option for round-robin bets and automatically create parlays to complete a bet. A round-robin bet often comes under a type of ‘hedge.’ However, sometimes its meaning is confused with ‘boxing out.’ It is a strategy used to complete a parlay wagers series.


How to Place a Round-Robin Bet?


Below is the step by step guide to place a round robin bet:

Step 1: Identify the number of teams you want to add to the round-robin bet. Let’s take an example: start with three groups.

Step 2: Open the bet slip and find the ‘Round-Robin’ or RR tab.

Step 3: Enter the amount you want to wager per day to complete the round-robin bet. The bet slip calculator will give you the total wagered amount for the total bet. 


Example of Round-Robin


Round-robin consists of three doubles: Team A & Team B, Team A & Team C, and Team B & Team C. If one of the options loses, you will still gain.

To place the wager, tap on chosen money line bets and include them in the bet slip. Then, after pickling at least three results and selecting the stakes, you can see the potential payout.

The simplest version of this round-robin bet is selecting three results. However, you can increase the double bets by choosing more selections.

You can also bet on multiple parlay wagers. A parlay is a kind of bet in which each leg must come to win.


Example of Round-Robin Parlay



Parlay #1

Team A +145

Team B +140

Parlay #2

Team C +120

Team D -140

Parlay #3

Team E +170

Team F -275

Here there are three doubles:

Parlay #1 and Parlay #2

Parlay #1 and Parlay #3

Parlay #2 and Parlay #3

You only need two parlays to come in to win a round-robin parlay. So if you regularly bet in parlays, you can use it to eliminate the chance of choosing the majority of the games correctly. But still losing the wager due to a single team lost.


Advantages of Round Robin in Sports Betting


The following are some advantages of round-robin sports betting: 

It can lead to high payouts.

It minimizes the chance of losing.

You can use it with hedge betting for maximum profits.

You can combine it with correlated selections to improve the winning percentage.


Closing Lines


If you want high payouts but are unwilling to inherent risks at the same time, construct a round robin bet. When you make a round-robin bet into a betting strategy, you will achieve improved ROI With less risk.