Units in Sports Betting: Quick Overview




If you are a novice in sports betting, you must be curious about the term units. The word is often used during the activity and has an important meaning in the same. Wondering what it denotes? Here is a guide to help you out: 


What is a Unit in Sports Betting?


In sports betting, the unit implies the measurement of the bet size. It is the basic amount of money that you place on a bet. Usually, one unit ranges about 1% of your bankroll. This means that wagered money can differ as per the bettor bankroll, but the percentage/value remains the same. Note that regardless of the amount you bet per unit, the risk is equal.


Normally, when it comes to betting, experts recommend betting no more than 3 units on one match. Ofcourse, this differs from bettor to bettor. For example, someone who is proficient and knows their game could bet 5+ units too. However, they need to be sure that they would win the bet. 


Likewise, one who’s still a noob should stay away from such decisions. Ultimately, it’s about your comfort, ability, and ofcourse expertise in the industry. Units are the perfect way to acknowledge your wins and losses. So, If you want to track or know your streaks, they are a valuable tool! 


Also, it’s common to face variations with bets and unit size. When you win a bet, both your bankroll and unit size increase. Similarly, when you lose, both the bankroll and unit size decrease. 


Example of Unit in Sports Betting




Let us explain the term unit in sports betting. Say, you have around $1,000 money in the bankroll. One unit of this amount would be around 1%. If we calculate the 1% of $1,000, the amount will be $10. Similarly, if you bet for say three or five units, the wagered amount would be $30 and $50, respectively.


Whenever a bettor plays a higher unit, it implies their guarantee or confidence on the bet. If you are extremely sure, wagering 5 units is acceptable. However, if you aren’t, it’s best to avoid the same. That’s because wagering higher amounts may soon become a habit and eventually you may lose money from your bankroll. So start slowly yet efficiently. 


What Should be the Starting Unit Size for Beginners?


A bankroll is the amount of money that you have devoted to sports betting. It’s like the values you will be using for the current and future wagers. Always keep your bankroll focused on sports betting and not any other activity. Coming to betting tips for starting unit size, the value should be 100 divided by the total bankroll. Anything more than that (1%) falls under multiple units bet. 


What If Someone Bets 200 Units?


Such claims often come from the tricksters who fabricate their records. They can easily do so by losing four bets of 100 units and a hammer of 500 units. Such variance is impossible for a successful bettor.  


To Conclude


Units are one of the best ways to evaluate your gains, loss, wagers without the dollar value. Hopefully, now you know the meaning of the generic sports betting term.