What exactly does Spread Knowledge do?
SpreadKnowledge is a trend based analytics system with easy to use tools that identify the highest expected value bets across all major sports including Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Soccer, and Tennis. On our platform, users can make picks to build a track record and accumulate followers. You can follow systems profitable machine and user pick systems, so when picks are made you receive a push notification alert.

Where do I find Spread Knowledge picks each day?
The best place to review picks on SpreadKnowledge is on the Top Value Picks page located here.

Do I receive anything for referring other people to Spread Knowledge?
Yes, SpreadKnowledge has a referral program where for every user that signs up and retains their membership for a period of 6 months, the referrer receives a bonus payment equal to 50% of their current membership fees (or a flat $50 USD, whichever is more).

Do I receive the same experience that a paying member receives during my 3-day trial?
Yes, 100% during your trial you receive exactly the same benefits of a full paying member.

How do I get started?
It is easy to get started by going to our Registration page here and by signing up to use our system. If you want to receive push notifications for our Live Spread Value alerts or follow other systems, you will need to register for a 3-day trial by selecting a billing package adding your card details. Hopefully, after your trial you will enjoy our product enough to maintain your membership. We will alert you 3 days before your trial is expiring so you may cancel your membership if you are not interested in renewing.

How much is each level of membership?
We have only one level of membership which is our core membership plan. As a member, you will receive push notifications for our premium content which includes alerts when following systems, Live Spread Value positions, and large line movements. These alerts are highly valuable and we believe the nominal membership fee of $20 USD per week if paid annually is a small price to pay for the value SpreadKnowledge membership brings the community.

What are Live Picks and how do I receive them?
Our Live Spread Value alerts are reserved for paying members only. However, our live picks are available to view on the Live Picks page located here.

What are Social Picks and how does that work?
All picks that are made on SpreadKnowledge’s platform are “open” picks available to be viewed by members. We believe that the handicapping experience is stronger if the power and intelligence of the public are able to be harnessed in a convenient way so we all can learn from one another. We are pleased to usher in a new era of Open Sports Handicapping where all picks are graded and results posted for all machine and user pick systems.

Which sports does Spread Knowledge cover?

  • NBA
  • MLB
  • NFL
  • NCAA Football
  • NCAA Basketball
  • NHL
  • WNBA
  • Tennis ATP
  • Tennis WTA
  • Soccer England
  • Soccer Spain
  • Soccer Italy
  • Soccer Germany
  • Soccer France
  • Soccer Portugal
  • Soccer USA
  • Soccer Mexico
  • Soccer Brazil
  • Soccer Argentina
  • Soccer Austria
  • Soccer Scotland
  • Soccer Turkey
  • Soccer Netherlands
  • Soccer Sweden
  • Soccer Hungary
  • Soccer Chile
  • Soccer Uruguay
  • Soccer Peru
  • Soccer Ecuador
  • Soccer Japan
  • Soccer China
  • Soccer UEFA Champions
  • Soccer UEFA Europa
  • Soccer Intl Friendly
  • Soccer Intl Asia Africa
  • Soccer Intl Latin America
  • Soccer Intl Youth
  • Soccer Intl Women’s
  • Soccer Belgium
  • Soccer Australia
  • Soccer UEFA Euro
  • Soccer World Cup
  • Soccer Copa Sudamericana
  • Olympic Women’s Basketball

    How do I interact with other uses of Spread Knowledge?
    There are two ways to interact with users today on SpreadKnowledge.

  • Follow User Systems – click here
  • View the Picks Feed – click here