Everything You Need to Know About Over/Under or Total in Betting


Over/under or total



Placing a bet on total points, you think a team or player will score in a game is a type of over/under or total bet. This type of wagering is also known as Betting on Totals. It refers to the total point, either for a single team or for both teams participating in a game. For example, Bills and Chiefs total is 52.5 for the NFL:


If Buffalo wins 22-20 (42 points), under bettors win

If Buffalo wins 32-22 (54 points), over bettors win


In simple words, a total bet is the total points scored by each team in the game.


How The Over/Under or Total Works In Sports Betting


Over/Under betting revolves around a number set by the sportsbook. This number represents an estimated total score for the game to bet. Further, the sportsbook also lists odds for the two possible choices to choose from. Here is the example of total listing for an NFL game:


Over: 52.5 (-110) 

Under: 52.5 (-110)


It shows that the bar for this match is 52.5 points. So, if you expect teams to score more, place a bet on the over. And, better thinks the game will score less than the 52.5 he will choose under. The result of the bet depends on how many points a team produces. A final score of 29-27 (58 points) is a victory for over bettors, while 21-19 (40 points) works for under bettors.


Note: If this game finished at 52 points, it’s called a push, and betters get their betting money back. 


Over/Under bets are often less risky and complicated than other forms of betting.


How Does An Overtime Game Impact Over/Under or Total Bets?


Overtime can really affect the over/under or totals bet type. If you choose the over, then overtime could bail you out of the bet. It all counts the same and sports betting won’t be void if the game extends. It is because you are placing a bet on the total for the whole game.


Over/under or total are synonymous with sports betting, and almost every sport offers this type of bet to wager on. Major sports like football, baseball, basketball, soccer, and hockey have total options.