Picks (or Bets)

A pick or bet is the decision to stake a particular outcome for a sporting event. For example, picking the NBA team LA Lakers to cover the point spread of +6 points in their next game.

SpreadKnowledge’s core competency is grading picks. Our system grades picks for most international sports and most of those picks are of one of the types listed below.

  • Pointspread or Handicap
  • Moneyline or Straight-up to win
  • Total Over/Under

    Examples for a typical NBA basketball game include:

  • Pointspread – LA Lakers +6, this means the Lakers must not lose the game by more than 6 points to cover the spread
  • Moneyline – LA Laker 2.50, this means the Lakers must win the game outright and it pays 2.5 units for every 1 unit risked
  • Total Over/Under – LA Lakers/Rockets Over 216, this means the Game Total Score (combined both teams) must be greater than 216 total points to cover the spread

    Other examples might include the following for soccer:

  • Pointspread – Bayern Munich -1.0
  • Moneyline – Real Madrid -1.25
  • Total Over/Under – Total Over/Under 2.5