UFC Bets: Where will Your bet Stand if the Fighter Stops Between Rounds?



UFC started in 1993, and after almost two decades, it’s one of the most popular sports in the world. It’s very mainstream, especially in America and also across the globe. It started as a martial art contest but soon evolved to become unbeatable. Also, UFC betting is thrilling and unexpected, making it so popular. So, there can be a bizarre situation where the fighter stops between rounds. In such a situation, what will happen to your bet? Let’s have a look!


What Happens if the Fighter Stops Between Rounds?



In UFCs matches, a fighter may survive the last round without knocking out. This makes your bet valid up to here. But sometimes, the fighter may not come for the next round willingly, by the decision of their corner or the official. So, what will happen to your bet in such an unusual condition?



In such a scenario where the fighter doesn’t answer the bell, the match is called off. The last round’s result is declared final. Many previous games in UFC have witnessed such a case, and the outcome was decided, inferring the previous round’s result. The matchup analysis is important, but this case is unpredictable and not so frequent.


Let’s understand the scenario with an example: 


Royce Gracie beat Max Holloway in round 3 at +1100 at UFC 270. If Max survived the third round but cannot begin Round 4, you could win the bet. The exact rules will apply if you bet the fight to finish in Round 3.





A similar scenario occurred in June 2020, which gained so much public attention. Max Rohskopf told his trainer that he couldn’t continue with the match and his trainer tried to convince him to go on. Finally, a professional stepped in and called the game off. So, calling the game off when the player doesn’t respond to the ring is the decision. It can affect your bet negatively and positively, and it’s unpredictable. Such scenarios make sports betting thrilling as the tables can turn anytime.


General Rules of UFC


Some of the other general rules you must know except the one explained above are:


  • Bets will be finalized on the official result declared as soon as the match is over. The amendment can be made if the result is read out wrong due to a mistake.


  • If a fighter is disqualified from the match, the other fighter will be the winner.


  • If the fight moves to another UFC event in some special scenarios, the bet will be canceled.


  • If a player is substituted during the match, all the best will stand void.


  • In an event where the fight ends in a draw, the Outright Fight Market will stand canceled. This will only cause the Outright Fight Market to become void.


  • If NO CONTEST or NO DECISION is ruled out in a boxing match, the bets will stand null and void.


  • The betting only comes to action when the first ring of the match is heard. Before that, all the bets are null and void