Meaning of Sharp in Sports Betting



Sports betting is growing each day, becoming more expensive in terms of the type of sports, odds, styles of bets, and much more. With this comes a load of terminologies and their significance in sports betting. One such term is “Sharp.” It’s a common term that is very vital and plays an important role. So, let’s look at the meaning of “Sharp” in Sports Betting.


Explanation of Sharp


A “Sharp,” also known as a “Sharp Bettor,” can be any person who can evaluate the bets smartly in sports betting. “Sharps” are experienced and have a successful history of sports betting, making them popular. They often place bigger bets, and everyone looks upon them to evaluate the best. So, “Sharps” can know one game or various types of games. They can have their niche or can be an all-rounder. So, ample experience makes them “Sharp Bettors.”


Who do Sharp Bettors get so Much Attention?



“Sharp bettors” are methodological bettors with a long history of success. They live and breathe sports betting, unlike “Square bettors,” who do it for the sake of recreation. So, how do “Sharp bettors” matter in sports betting?  The moves of “Sharp bettors” can alter the bets a bit. Some of their biggest influence is on:


Reverse Line Movement


Reverse line movement occurs when the betting line moves away from the majority. It happens as a result of the action of the “Sharp bettors”. If “Sharps” incline toward one side, everyone starts doing so. Thus, the oddsmaker shifts the line towards the other side. This increases their profits and balances the bet.


Steam Moves


Steam moves occur when intense and consistent lines move across the sports betting marketplace. It happens when all the “Sharp bettors” start to act similarly. So, it directly affects the bet. 


Can you Follow Sharps?



The answer is yes, you can follow them, but it’s not a long-term strategy. One must analyze and study the game according to your potential. Everyone has a unique skill set, so following them can sometimes be non-profitable. 


Also, “Sharp’s” action usually results in line moves; it’s difficult to make the same bets that “Sharps” are making. Some big bets show the percentage, but not all bets will display the information. Sportsbooks will be at a loss by doing so.



For example, a reverse line movement can take place from +9 to +8, resulting from the action of “Sharp bettors.” But, if it goes to +7.5, you can’t guarantee that they are betting on the same line or not. Another example is a “Sharp bettor” or group can deliberately cause steam moves by placing bets on a particular team. So that they can get more significant bets on the different sides as the line can move to their preferred number. 



So, you can study “Sharps” and follow them to an extent. But making your moves solely on them is dangerous. They are experienced and try every strategy to earn more and more money. So, catch all the details about upcoming matches and study all the factors for successful bets.


Bonus Tip


The “Sharps” may have a say in sports betting and are very important. But, you must follow and study the games, bet according to your capability.