Sports Betting Guide: Buying Points


While sports bettings, bettors always try to gain all the information first. They do proper research through different websites, shop for reasonable prices, adjust betting lines through buying points. Bookmakers offer alternate odds on various competitions, and you can buy points to impact the betting odds.


What Do Buying Points Mean in Betting?



Buying points is a choice given by sportsbooks where bettors can improve their bet spread for the high price. Let us take an example: Suppose Team A is 3 point favorite over Team B. You like the chances of Team A but are doubtful to lay 6 points. You have a choice to purchase a half point and take Team A at -2.5.



However, that bet will come at a high price. It can differ based on the sportsbook and the importance of the number you are purchasing. By purchasing that half point, you can win your bet that Team A should win by three, the result that would have moved you with a push. The same thing applies to underdogs. For instance, you can purchase a team from +5 to +5.5 and win your bet if the Team closes by losing precisely 5 points.


How Bettors Buy Points?



Bettors can purchase alternate odds listed as props after point spread and posting game complete opening lines. You can also find them on teaser cards that bookmakers issue. In addition, you can purchase points on a single contest or multiple games on a parlay bet or ticket.



The typical betting strategy is to buy points to ignore a hook. If Team X is a -4.5 (-110) point NFL favorite, buying 1 point will move the line to -3.5(-125). Moreover, tickets cash if Team X wins by four or more points.



While purchasing points, bettors pay added juice to get better odds. In the above example, you can see it would cost $110 to $100 on Team X’s original line. It costs $125 to win new odds after purchasing 1 point. The amount to buy points varies through the sportsbook. Moreover, bettors must shop to get the best value.


The Right Time to Buy Points



Finding a proper matchup key is a key for optimizing your profits while betting. It is true, especially in the case of buying points in sports. For instance, it would be best to purchase points on either side of the wager you can see below:



TEAM A +3(-105)
TEAM B -3(-115)



If you think that Team B is winning the game, it might be by a slight margin. However, betting on Team B is not the best choice. If Team B wins the game, just by one score, you will not win any amount because the bet will become a tie. In this case, it would be best to purchase a half-point.


Final Words



Understanding the fair price of buying points in sports is one way to improve long-term profitability. Moreover, you can even use these techniques to alternative spreads or totals. It can broaden the betting horizon.